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Our Programs

In today’s marketplace, you need a partner. Tri Star Energy offers dealer/consignee programs that support your success with our financial stability, purchasing strength, and industry expertise. You gain the important benefits of quality products, improved operational performance, increased flexibility, enhanced image for your locations, and guaranteed income even in the face of market fluctuations. All programs are tailored to your specific needs and supported at all times by our convenient, professional customer service team.

Branding and Station Development

As a regional leader in the fueling and convenience industry, Tri Star Energy understands the value of having your locations stand out from the crowd. Our Dealer programs are designed to help you do just that, enhancing customer demand and sales volumes while creating a unique, easily recognizable brand that your customers are loyal to over time. We offer your choice of top-tier national fuel brands and guarantee uninterrupted supply of all fuels, so your customers are never frustrated or inconvenienced by temporary shortages. We fully support technology upgrades, such as PCI and EMV compliance; innovative loyalty programs make your locations the first choice among customers in your area. What’s more, we enhance operational excellence through program implementation and offer valuable training to you and your employees. Finally, you enjoy unmatched marketing support and the cost savings of our region-wide buying group.

Station Sales and Re-sales

Looking to purchase your first service station? A second facility in a prime new location? The latest in a large portfolio of convenience stores? Tri Star Energy has the strength and expertise to make it happen. With our finger on the pulse of the Mid South real estate market, we can help you add to your network of profitable stores. You have the option of purchasing or leasing proven stations with known return levels. Whatever your company’s goals for growth and profitability, partnering with Tri Star for acquisitions and upgrades can help make them a reality.

Improve Working Capitol and Store Profitability

Tri Star Energy’s experience and clout in the marketplace can help your business grow in size. But we can also help your stores work smarter, increasing revenues even without major purchases or capital improvements. Tri Star Energy dealers may receive credits of up to $30,000 in working capital currently stored in the ground. Once this capital is freed up, you can use it to enhance the performance and profitability of the most profitable areas of your store location. With this flexibility, you are ensured a guaranteed income regardless of price/margin volatility.