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Our Programs

Tri Star Energy, LLC provides our commercial customers with a full range of Gasoline and Diesel fueling services, guaranteeing fuel supply and offering volume discounts. Our Environmental Department maintains all compliance information for above and underground storage tanks required by Federal, State and local regulatory agencies. In addition, we offer a highly diversified Fleet Fueling Card that is maintained and issued from our office here in Nashville, with convenient, full-time live customer service. Dedicated to fueling convenience and outstanding customer service, we will do whatever it takes to make sure customers can effectively do business without hassle or interruption. This approach, combined with deep knowledge of the industry and a commitment to being remarkable in everything we do, has earned us a reputation that we are extremely proud of.

Pacific Pride Program

Our diversified Fleet Fueling card can be used at our Pacific Pride commercial-only fueling sites, which are perfect for large vehicles such as dump trucks and tractor trailers. Choose from gasoline, on-road diesel fuel and – at select locations – dyed diesel fuel for off-road vehicles. We offer cards at three service levels: one good at our twelve Commercial sites only; one good at both our Commercial locations and our 104 local C-Stores; and a National card that includes all our local sites. Choose the level of service you prefer – even all three types of card on one account! Cards are for gasoline fuel, diesel fuel, and DEF only and can track both miles per gallon and product usage. Our sophisticated billing system allows you to choose weekly, monthly or semimonthly reports, and invoices track every transaction by location, date, time, total gallons and price per gallon by card, according to your specifications. Our full-time customer service team puts you in charge, allowing you to set up your fleet card system the way it suits you best.

Shell Fleet Program

Shell and Citi Bank have partnered to offer the Shell Fleet Plus Fuel Card. An excellent card for Commercial Fleet Fueling, it offers amazing incentives to cardholders. The Shell Fleet Plus fuel card is completely free, with no contract or obligation. Accepted at any Shell station in America, it offers during the first year an instant .10 cent rebate off of each gallon of gas purchased. Expanded Fleet Reporting, another key benefit of this card, allows you to track what time of day purchases were made, along with the specific station where fuel was purchased. As a Shell Fleet Plus cardholder, you may also choose an odometer prompt that keeps track of miles per gallon, making sure that vehicles are running effectively. All card users have the option of assigning themselves a four-digit PIN that must be entered at the pump in order to activate fueling. Purchases on the Shell Fleet Plus card may be tax exempt for qualifying cardholders, and account holders have the freedom to restrict purchases to Diesel Fuel only, Gasoline Fuel only, or to impose no restrictions on card usage.

To be eligible for the Fleet Fuel card, you must be a business using a vehicle for business purposes and have a federal tax ID number. If you are interested in becoming a Shell Fleet Plus cardholder please contact one of our fuel consultants.

Tri Star Energy Diesel and Gasoline Fuel Delivery Program

Tri Star Energy, LLC is dedicated to your fueling needs, and we welcome the opportunity to supply your gasoline, on-road diesel fuel and off-road diesel fuel requirements whether it is delivering to your on-site tanks or through mobile/ wet hose fueling. Our transport department can deliver diesel and gasoline loads as small as 500 gallons on the Bobtail as well as full transport loads. From the small farmer to the largest of service stations, we offer competitive pricing and a friendly, local and honest customer service experience.

With years of experience serving the transportation, construction and manufacturing industries, as well as municipalities and public utilities, Tri Star Transport’s resume includes the full range of Diesel and Gasoline Fueling services. We not only fuel above-ground and underground storage tanks, but our fleet of Bobtail trucks gives us the capacity to accommodate generators as well as diesel and gasoline mobile fueling, wet hose fueling and on-site fueling.

Through our full-time customer service department, you can be assured of an accurate, timely, uninterrupted supply of on- and off-road diesel, conventional gasoline and E-10 gasoline. Biodiesel can also be provided at the customer’s request, along with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), compressed natural gas (CNG), and other alternative fuels. We service all of Middle Tennessee and Western Kentucky.

Tri Star Energy, LLC also has equipment agreements designed for the customer who wants an above-ground tank on site. We are responsible for delivery, maintenance and pick up of the tank as needed. All pumps and nozzles will be provided, and our qualified maintenance staff will handle equipment repair and maintenance. Recognizing the importance of compliance in the fueling industry, we also provide SPCC plans for any of our lease customers who require more than 1200 gallons of fuel at their site.

Through our Pacific Pride Cardlock System, ‘captive sites’ may also be installed. Such sites allow larger fleets to have on-site Gasoline and Diesel fueling in combination with off-site Gasoline and Diesel fueling, offering a complete fleet fuel management solution. Tri Star Energy, LLC can provide the whole fueling package.