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How do I set up an account?

All necessary forms can be provided by contacting our Commercial fleet management consultants.

How do I pay a bill?

Tri Star Energy accepts all major credit cards, checks, and ACH Forms.

What is Tank eye monitoring and how does it work?

Tri Star Energy, LLC will monitor and report on tank levels via the internet. As a customer you may view your tank status anytime using a secure user ID and password at

How do I reach a sales representative?

Our sales staff is more than happy to help answer questions and place orders. All contact information is found on our Contact Us tab.

What is DEF?

DEF stands for diesel exhaust fluid, a component offered at our Twice Daily’s and Pacific Pride locations.

What are the Fuel tax Rates?

In Tennessee, gasoline has a $0.398 and diesel has a $0.428 tax added on each gallon unless a company or entity is tax exempt.